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Columbus Production Services team provides a great solution for businesses who have routine work that often falls outside the scope of regular duties of their workforce. Our mobile teams can take on these tasks allowing you time to focus on critical path items. We have options that meet your needs – we can bring a supervised crew to work at your site and supplement your workforce, or pick up your project, process it at our site, and return finished product to you.

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Why Choose
Columbus Production

At Columbus, we’re cost-competitive, we’re deadline-conscious, and our quality controls are excellent.

“Columbus Production Services has been integrated in the community and has been developing business partnerships for over 40 years. We offer individualized on the job training, encourage progress towards a job in the community, and promote self-advocacy. Just as support is needed at home, support is also needed at work. All staff members have current first aid and CPR training along with communication training using The Mandt System. Individuals that work at Columbus Production Services set themselves up for success in achieving their career goals.

for individuals
with disabilities

Individuals on our production team are provided with an opportunity to work in an integrated workforce, resembling more closely what can be expected in a community based job.

The program encourages social interaction and development of life skills in a structured work environment.  We help people developt the tools needed to be more independent and self-sufficient.

The work program, along with our caring team of Direct Support Professionals, provide training, coaching, and support, to help ensure the success of all individuals through a variety of means.


CPS contracts production work with socially minded companies striving to make a difference in their community.

Some of the companies worked with include:

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