Honoring Peter

Everyone at Cumberland Advisors, along with colleagues, clients, consultants, and friends, mourns the loss of Peter Demirali. His sudden death is a shock. He is sorely missed. It certainly gives a person pause. One week he is 52, robust, friendly, big-hearted, skilled, professional, vigorous, and full of life. The next week, he is gone.

It was through his work at Cumberland that Peter was introduced to Columbus several years ago. Peter joined Cumberland over a decade ago. He was a Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, and good friend. Through his life, Peter respected his family, honored his commitments made in the business world, exhibited the highest qualities of ethics, and evidenced his own character by looking out for his fellow man. Peter was a champion of those who were downtrodden. Peter was their advocate.

In his professional relationships, Peter excelled. Many who knew him, worked with him, traded with him, and strategized with him saw his centering and calming influence. He had a sense of humor and used it in building relationships. He was able to relax, kick back, go fishing, talk about a good wine over a meal, and share humor with a good joke. The memories of Peter and his son Ben at Cumberland’s annual fishing gathering in Maine will be cherished. Peter's death is a deep personal and professional loss.


As Peter invested his life in helping others through his management of their assets, he continued to advocate for those unable to care for themselves. Thus, it is fitting that a scholarship to help others be created in his name. The “Peter Demirali Scholarship Fund” will ensure that the legacy of his many influences, accomplishments, and commitments will live on.

After Peter’s first visit to Columbus, he was moved by the obstacles that young adults with intellectual disabilities face in making their way in the world. This visit impressed on Peter the good fortune and opportunities available to his family, and his first response was to reach out and ask how he could make a difference in the lives of other families. Columbus had just launched a small scholarship program for this special population—one of the first of its kind in the country, and Peter was one of the early supporters of the scholarship. With the establishment of an endowed scholarship in Peter’s name, young men and women with special needs will have a way to pursue their goals of learning skills and finding meaningful work.

We are grateful that his Peter’s name will be remembered through this scholarship that will assist others. A true tribute to the man we all knew, respected and loved.

We mourn the loss of Peter; we honor him and respect him. May he rest in peace.

About the Scholarship Fund

The Peter Demirali Scholarship Fund provides support for a much-needed scholarship that supports young adults with disabilities in furthering their vocational education. Statistics tell us that young adults with disabilities face a 65% unemployment rate over their lifetime.

This is a frightening statistic that families already know too well. Columbus was one of the first nonprofits in the country to innovatively address the issues underlying this statistic by creating a scholarship fund that allows young adults with disabilities to pursue their post-secondary education with specialized vocational training and support.

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