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Get Involved—Carry on the Tradition

Ron Adams was one of the first eight students who attended Columbus on its opening day June 6, 1968. Because of the pioneering work of a handful of parents, advocates, and educators, Ron enjoyed a 45-year career working at Columbus.

Ron’s mother, Donna Adams, the mother of two sons with disbilities, was one of many parents who challenged the prevailing wisdom to institutionalize their children with disabilities. She and other parents began to find each other, and they came together with a new vision for their children—where “dignity” and “independence” replaced “institutionalization.” Out of this vision emerged a grassroots effort that redefined what it meant for individuals with disabilities to be a part of the community where they were born and raised.

In 2013, Columbus adopted a new logo and tagline, Entrepreneurs of the Human Spirit™. This tagline honors the legacy of Columbus’s founding families and reminds us of our commitment to carry their spirit forward in the years to come.  We continue to work with our community partners to ensure individuals with disabilities experience the dignity of work, life, and living.

You can carry on Columbus’s entrepreneurial spirit in the following ways:

I often revisit the grassroots accomplishments of Columbus’s founding families with awe and respect. They found each other, and they found the passion to make sure they would leave a better world for their children with disabilities. Columbus continues to carry this legacy forward as we work with all of our community partners to plan for the future needs of individuals with disabilities and their families.”

— Stephanie Mackay
Chief Innovation Officer, Columbus Foundation

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