Convention and Business Services


Columbus assembles registration packets and convention kits, employee orientation and benefits packets, and other materials for companies throughout Utah and around the country. We accept product shipped from printers and manufacturers, assemble the materials at our facility, and deliver completed work to offices and other venues in Salt Lake, Summit, and Wasatch counties. Out-of-town companies cut hotel and per-diem costs since employees don’t have to arrive early to prepare materials.

  • Assembly of registration packets
  • Assembly of sales and convention kits
  • Assembly of new employee orientation or benefits packets
  • Hospitality kits for hotels and resorts
  • Receipt and management of inventory shipments
  • Complex, labor-intensive projects
  • Large-volume contract work or small custom jobs
  • Deadlines and quality commitments consistently met
  • Confidentiality is rigorously maintained
Utah Governors Office of Economic DevelopmentThe Governor’s Office of Economic Development has used Columbus to prepare event materials for our statewide summits and symposiums for more than eight years. They have always found a way to meet our every need for accurate material preparation and delivery, on-time every-time.

Michael Sullivan, Director of Communications, Governor’s Office of Economic Development