1967 There were no programs [in Utah] which taught any work skills to the adult retarded person. All ages were attending schools set up for small children....
JUNE 6, 1968 Parents advocating for their children with disabilities results in the opening of Columbus Community Center. Eight students participate.
1974 President Ford Visits ColumbusColumbus is recognized as “one of the country’s leading rehabilitation and training centers” in the United States...
1979 By the end of the decade:Families send their children to public school, where they have a have a range of education options available to them
1981 Columbus works with Housing Authority of Salt Lake County to open Jones Court Group Home, one of the first in Salt Lake County. Residents are integrated into a Murray neighborhood where they are part of the community.
1985 Columbus participant Mike Magleby is the first person in Utah to be placed in the state’s inaugural Supported Employment Program.
1986 Connor Street Group Home is opened and serves 6 young people with severe disabilities who are confined to wheelchairs. Residents are integrated into a Millcreek neighborhood where they are part of the community..
1989 By the end of the decade: Families can offer their loved ones a chance to live independently as they become adults. Integration into the community is the norm.
1990 Columbus reorganizes its Supervised Employment program so it can operate out of four smaller, community-based sites.
1993 A record 151 individuals with disabilities complete vocational training at Columbus and become competitively employed in community jobs.
1995 Columbus participants who are employed in the community earned a total in wages of $619,860, reducing public assistance costs by $142,880.
1999 By the end of the decade: Families are working with their loved ones to find ways for them to achieve individual goals.
2001 Columbus opens a new central campus and serves an average of 450 people per year.
2002 A new Day Activity program provides leisure activities; its size and central location make it accessible to those with the most severe disabilities.
2004 Columbus Secure Shredding (CSS) opens, providing secure document shredding for local businesses while creating competitive wages for some of themost severely disabled individuals.